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A Message from our PTA

Hello, and welcome new and continuing Maverick families,

Oh, what will this new school year bring? Great things! We’re already off to a strong start thanks to parents like you, who have grown this PTA, blessing us with great talent and enthusiasm. We’re excited to support student opportunities to socialize, class activities, campus enhancements, graduation and promotion, teacher appreciation, book fair, family events and much more.


Please bookmark Here, you will find pertinent information regarding upcoming PTA Meetings, school events, opportunities, news, an online store and much more. Keep up on what’s happening at school here.


Finally, I’d like to encourage you to make a difference by joining us in any way you can. From sending feedback, providing suggestions, sharing your talent or taking on a large event, your support is necessary to our mission and it’s just another reason Tustin Connect thrives. Let’s build last year’s participation and success. Please know, every effort put forward a year by our PTA exists to enrich your students Elementary School experience.


You are always welcome to reach out to me, Ziggy at


Thank you,

Tustin Connect PTA

Ziggy McBride, President

Janice Park-Kim, Treasurer

Tara Hirose, Secretary

Maneesha Singh, Auditor

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